Student Registration Process:

Step #1 – Email your interest to: verdeviewec@gmail

Step #2 – A teamĀ  member will contact you via email or phone

Step #3 – Student enrollment packet will be provided

Step#4 – Return enrollment packet for registration

Step#5 – VVEC Team will confirm intake appointment

Step #6 – Intake with VVEC team of horses and humans!

Step #7 – Review & confirm program & schedule.

Step#8 – Complete registration process

Step #9- Equipment fitting & meet/greet with equine partner

Step#10 – Begin your equine assisted activities and therapies!!

Volunteer Registration Process

Volunteer are the heart of our program and we offer many areas to support our mission. Together, we CAN make a difference!

Step #1 – Email your interest to:

Step#2 – Our volunteer coordinator will reach you by the most preferred method you provide in your interest email.

Step #3 – Learn of the available opportunities

Step #4 – Opportunity specific registration packet will be sent to you

Step#5 – Attend the opportunity specific training and begin making a difference in the world of equine activities and therapies.

Horses & Humans, Living Healthy Lives Together!